Padmax VX2

Our product, Padmax VX2, is the result of longterm development work. The tool’s components are designed to achieve optimal results together.

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With Padmax VX2 You prepare a court in less than 20 minutes.

Padmax VX2, the one and only really efficient tool for maintenance of Your padel court.
Get the job done quick and easy with this unique and patent pending gear.

Wheels with double functions – protection for the glass
during use, and also for short distance transportation
Protective cover – special designed
cover for the protection of vital parts
Brushes/weight – long term tested
set up for maximized result
Fastenings – developed to ensure correct moving angles

Padmax VX2

Technical data Padmax VX2

Width mm/Inch 795/31.3
Weight total product kg/Pound 17/37.5
Material base plate Zink plated steel
Surface treatment Powder coated
Base plate wooden part. Thickness mm/Inch 15/0.6
Base plate wooden part. Material Special Plywood
Material handle Solid Polyurethane black
Length shaft (incl handle) mm/Inch 1141/44.9
Material shaft Aluminium
Material protective cover Vacum formed plastic
Material wheels Solid Polyurethane black
Wheels diameter mm/Inch 75/3

How to use Padmax VX2

You prepare a court in less than 20 minutes

Padmax VX2

Maintenance of padel artificial grass

Long-term sustainability

Regular maintenance of padel artificial grass is not only important to improve the quality of the game, but it also has long-term sustainability benefits and increases the safety of all padel players. It is an investment in both long-term sustainability and the well-being of the players.

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