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The padel court’s artificial grass requires maintenance to remain in top condition. In addition to the weekly brushing with Padmax VX2 (carried out by the padel hall’s own staff), we recommend that outdoor courts be maintained twice a year and indoors once a year by specialists.

This is beneficial for the life of the artificial turf and favors the drainage properties. In our maintenance program Padmax Maintenance Pro, we implement a comprehensive step-by-step plan. In addition to keeping the top layer open, artificial grass maintenance is also important to remove dust and organic contamination from the artificial grass surface. In our entire process, we only use electrically powered machines.

Our maintenance program consists of activities to ensure longevity, create good gaming experiences and be in line with effective sustainability work, and is carried out in several steps.

Step 1- Cleaning

Padmax Maintenance Pro starts with rough cleaning. We often start with a leaf blower and/or other electric cleaning machine depending on how the track looks. On outdoor courts, mechanical control of algae, moss and weeds is carried out.


Step 2- Unpacking

The sand that serves as filling and support for the artificial grass becomes tightly packed during play and use, as well as for outdoor courts, also due to the weather conditions. With the treatment with our electric SMG machine, we ensure the drainage properties and open up the top layer.

Padel play produces a huge amount of ball fluff and other dirt and dust. Since you are playing in an enclosed surface, this cannot escape and ends up in your lawn along with the sand. Since we can remove the sand down to the substrate, with our electric SMG machine we filter the entire filling package with fluff, dust and organic material, and then return the treated sand.

In order for guarantees to apply, your padel courts need to be maintained and cared for correctly

A padel court can maintain good quality and performance for a long time if the maintenance is taken care of. Long service life also means financial benefits for you as a hall owner. If you do not maintain your padel courts or your facility, early wear will mean that you need to replace and replace with new material, which in the long run will be a more expensive investment than necessary.

Step 3 – Sanding

A certain amount of sand continuously disappears from the course, so it is therefore important to adjust the level of the sand. After our inspection, we supplement with new sand with our efficient sand spreader and ensure that it is distributed evenly over the surface.

Step 4 – Lighter irrigation

We water the artificial grass, both on outdoor and indoor courts, this to bind dust and to make it easier for the sand to come back down into the court after the treatment.

Step 5 – Brushing the court with Padmax VX2

The fiber is flattened when we play on the court. With Padmax VX2 we brush up the fiber and the sand is redistributed. For a nice finish, we want the clean sand to be nicely and evenly distributed on the padel court’s artificial grass. For this you use the Padmax VX2. This prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the artificial turf.

After this, the mat is clean again and in optimal playing condition.

Padmax Maintenance Pro

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In addition to specialist maintenance, it is also important to do some maintenance on the padel courts yourself

Specialist maintenance is a good start, but it of course also important to do some maintenance on the padel courts yourself. In particular, maintenance of the artificial grass surface is necessary. You do this by brushing the top layer every week and removing surface dirt. You can easily brush the artificial grass with a Padmax VX2.

Keep the tracks in top condition

You do this yourself every week!


Remove debris and clean the artificial turf with, for example, a leaf blower or other cleaning machine.

Remove weeds, algae and moss growth on outdoor courts.


Brush the artificial turf with a Padmax VX2 weekly to maintain the sand distribution. This prevents wear and tear on the lawn, improves the playing experience and extends its lifespan

New sand

The in-house maintenance team is also responsible for replenishing with new sand when necessary. A certain amount of sand continuously disappears from the course, so it is therefore important to periodically spread out and replenish with new sand.


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